Yohan 04.09.2017 10 min de lecture

Reeport | September 2017 feature summary


This month’s Reeport update includes new Data Connectors, a new design for single KPI Widgets (aka Scorecards) and many miscellaneous improvements !

Data visualization

  • Single KPI redesign


  • Smart Widgets for Youtube Analytics

  • New Dimension: cross-API date

  • New Dimension: cross-API campaign, source, and medium

Data Connectors

  • Youtube Analytics

  • Adobe Analytics

  • Facebook Ads

  • Google Sheets

Miscellaneous improvements

  • Infrastructure and performance improvement

  • Improved widget design

  • New Shape Widgets

  • Move or duplicate a Page to another Report

  • Background color on Page

  • Shorts numbers (10K, 10M, etc…)

  • Custom Dimensions sorting

  • Hide Dimension column

  • Drag-and-drop Dimension re-order


Data visualization

Single KPI redesign

The single KPI widget has an improved design for easier data interpretation. Many themes are also available to customize your Single KPI. If you are more familiar with the previous version, the legacy KPI option gives you the opportunity to get the previous template back.



Smart Widgets for Youtube Analytics
Alongside the newly-launched Youtube Analytics Data Connector come new Smart Widgets so you can create insightful Widgets in a few clicks!


New Dimension: cross-API date
The cross-API date Dimension allows you to reconcile your data across multiple connectors.



New Dimension: cross-API campaign, source, and medium
The cross-API campaign Dimension allows you to reconcile the “ga:campaign” Dimension from Google Analytics with the “mcf:campaignName” from the Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels API. The same goes for the source, medium, and source/medium Dimensions.

Data connectors

Youtube Analytics
Use the Youtube Analytics Data Connector to retrieve data about viewers, subscribers, and video engagement.


Adobe Analytics
Use Adobe Analytics Data Connector retrieve data like the revenue-generating product insights.


Facebook ads
With Facebook ads Data Connector, get data about audiences, posts, and likes.


Google Sheets
With Reeport, you can now import your Google Sheets’ data!


Miscellaneous improvements

Improved performance & infrastructure
These improvements allow Reeport to fetch data faster.
Improved Widget design
Several Widgets are benefitting from this design fine-tuning for easier viewing and understanding.


New Shape Widgets
In addition of the rectangle shape, new ones are now available including triangle shapes, arrow shapes, and more.


Move a Page to another Report
You can now duplicate a Page from a Report to another within the same Organization. Choose the “Duplicate to…” option as follows:


Background on Page
You can now apply a background to your Pages.


Shorts Numbers
The short number formatting option allows you to transform raw numbers into compact ones (K for thousand, M for million, etc…).


Custom Dimension sorting
When creating a Custom Dimension, you can now sort your values alphabetically or arbitrarily via drag-and-drop.

Hide Dimension column
This option allows you to hide the Dimension column(s) for your Table Widgets to streamline your tables when needed.

Drag-and-drop Dimension re-order





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