Reeport | November 2017 feature summary

FEATURES | 6 novembre, 2017
Reeport | November 2017 feature summary

In November, the Combo chart widget, a significantly enhanced viewer mode, and new data connectors make the headlines!

Data Visualization
  • New dataviz: Combo chart (Line+Bar chart)
  • Enhanced viewer mode
  • New date range: date compare
  • Fastload option for reports
Data Connectors
  • Twitter Ads
  • Mailchimp
  • Instagram



Data visualization

New data-visualization widget:  Combo chart (Line+Bar chart)

It is now possible to combine barcharts and linecharts, for better insights.



Enhanced viewer mode

The viewer mode just got a makeover: you can now interact with the data visualization by hovering your mouse over your dashboards. You can also use the date picker to dynamically view your data across custom date ranges.


New date range: compare date

“Compare dates” are a new type of Date Range which are dynamically adjusted based on the Date Range set by default. For example, if your Report has the “Last Month” date range and your Widget has the compare date called “Previous Period”, your Widget will always display data from the month before “Last Month”(i.e., month -2).


Query img-1

Fastload option for Reports

By activating the fastload option for your Reports, you can make sure that your Report will load data faster. The way it works behind the scenes is that your Reports are automatically pre-loaded at the start of the day.


fastload option for reeport img

Data connectors

Twitter Ads

Data connector img 1


Data connector img 2



Data connector img 3


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