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Yohan 20.06.2019 3 min de lecture

Reeport | June 2019 feature summary

In June, the Builder mode redesign makes the headline!
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Yohan 10.05.2019 5 min de lecture

Reeport | May 2019 feature summary

In May, the Google Ads connector and optimized dashboard creation for mobile make the ...
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Justine Pichot 08.04.2019 9 min de lecture

Reeport | Les 10 fonctionnalités clés de la plateforme Reeport

Dans cet article, nous allons exposer les fonctionnalités clés de ces derniers mois ...
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Yohan 27.03.2019 3 min de lecture

Reeport | March 2019 feature summary

In March, Google BigQuery partitioned table support and Google Analytics segment import ...
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Yohan 27.02.2019 7 min de lecture

Reeport | February 2019 feature summary

In February, Criteo, Yahoo!, Excel, and the new Funnel data widget make the headlines!
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Yohan 15.01.2019 6 min de lecture

Reeport | January 2019 feature summary

Reeport wishes you a Happy New Year with the brand-new visual SQL query editor!
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Yohan 14.12.2018 10 min de lecture

Reeport | December 2018 feature summary

In December, Data Prep and Insights are making the headlines!
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Yohan 12.10.2018 8 min de lecture

Reeport | October 2018 feature summary

Reeport comes back to school with a makeover, new data connectors and many more updates!
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Yohan 06.08.2018 2 min de lecture

Reeport | August 2018 feature summary

Reeport: August 2018 Announcements and New Features   
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