Reeport | September 2019 feature summary

FEATURES | 30 septembre, 2019
Reeport | September 2019 feature summary

In September, user groups, ContentSquare connector, and in-app notifications made the headlines!


Data sharing & exploration

  • Users groups
  • New Broadcast interface
  • Text and Image widgets are now clickable in the viewer mode

Data sources

  • New: ContentSquare

Security & Infrastructure

  • Infrastructure enhancement


  • In-app communication
  • Border options for charts


Data sharing & exploration
Users groups
You can now create users groups within your Organization. Set permissions for each group and invite users to their appropriate team! Just like for users, you can also assign group permissions at a Folder level or a Report level.
New Broadcast interface 
The Broadcast feature just got a fresh new design for improved user experience.
Text and image widgets are now clickable in the viewer mode
You can now make text and image widgets clickable.
Data sources
New: Content Square
Security & Infrastructure
Infrastructure Enhancement
We have been and will keep on working hard on providing you with the best possible infrastructure to ensure your data remains safe and readily available at all time.
In-app notifications
Stay alerted for releases and tips with the new notification center system. You will now be notified as soon as we have to make new announcements (new features, tips and use cases).
Border options for charts
You can now add borders to all your charts for finer design settings across your reports and dashboards.
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