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Reeport | October 2018 feature summary

Reeport comes back to school with a makeover, new data connectors and many more updates!



Data Connectors

  • Dailymotion

  • Mediametrie Digital Ad Ratings (ex Nielsen OCR)

Overall design

  • Reeport makeover

Data visualization

  • New data visualization: Gauge chart

  • Updated data visualization: the Sunburst chart is now dynamic

  • Cleaner value formatting on your charts

  • Ability to only display minimum and maximum values

Extended account administration features

  • Custom color palettes

  • Report and widget templates

  • Public url tokens

  • Email domain security policy


Data connectors



Mediametrie Digital Ad Ratings (ex Nilesen OCR) 



Overall design

Reeport makeover

Reeport just got a subtle makeover to make your experience as smooth as possible on desktop and mobile (Viewer mode only)! 

Data visualization

New data visualization: Gauge chart


Updated data visualization: the Sunburst chart is now dynamic


Cleaner value formatting on your charts

You'll now be able to get "20%" instead of "0.2" as well as "2,100,000" (or "2 100 000" depending on your locale format) instead of "2100000" across all your charts.


Ability to only display minimum and maximum values




Extended account administration features

Through the organization options you can access to sub-features to enhance your work and control the access of your data:


Custom color palettes

Create your own color palettes to match your company's design guidelines.


Report and widget templates

Edit your templates by adding variables to save time as you re-use existing reports and widgets.



Note: editing your templates is an advanced feature. Feel free to contact us to learn more.



Public url tokens

Create, edit and revoke your public url tokens.


Email domain security policy

Take your account security to the next level by implementing email domain policy and checking conflicts at any time. For instance, set @mycompany.com as the prerequisite to invite any user by email. 

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