Yohan 29.11.2019 5 min de lecture

Reeport | November 2019 feature summary

In November, alerts, cache expiration settings, and currency conversion made the headlines!


Data sharing & exploration

  • Hyperlinks on broadcasts

  • Alerts

Data sources

  • Cache expiration settings


  • Currency conversion


Data sharing & exploration


Hyperlinks on broadcasts

When editing your broadcast you can now insert hyperlinks by highlighting your text and clicking the link button or using the shortcut Ctrl+K (or Cmd+K on Mac).






The beta version of alerts is getting an upgrade: this is now what it looks like when an alert in triggered (in this example, we've set an alert for when the number of qualified visits decreases by more than 10%).



Other great use cases are:

  • get an alert when your budget spend is close to certain threshold

  • get an alert whenever you have less than X conversions on any given day

  • get notified when you hit the target to congratulate your team


Data sources


Cache expiration settings

Cache expiration can be set for each data source. For instance, if your database is usually updated between 9AM and 9:45AM, you can use the following rule to refresh your data source every day at 10AM.




Currency conversion

 With the new formula "currency()" you can now convert a currency into another. In the example below, we convert Euros into dollars using the currency codes "EUR" and "USD". 


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