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Reeport | May 2019 feature summary

In May, the Google Ads connector and optimized dashboard creation for mobile make the headlines!

Data sources

  • New: Google Ads

  • Upgrade: Facebook Ads v3.2

  • Upgrade: Forecast

Data sharing & exploration

  • Optimize your dashboards for mobile

Data visualization

  • Custom "min" and "max" values for Y Axis now available on custom charts


  • Compare date "Same Days Last Year" now available for semi-floating date ranges

  • SalesForce filters now available


Data sources


New connector: Google Ads 


Upgraded connector: Facebook Ads updated to v3.2



Upgraded connector: New dimensions for Forecast

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Data visualization


Optimize your dashboards for mobile

You can now create two versions of a dashboard in order to have a desktop-friendly version as well as a mobile-friendly one. Link the two versions and, as a result, viewers will be redirected to the best-suited version.



Data sharing & exploration


Custom "min" and "max" values for Y Axis now available on custom charts




Compare date "Same Days Last Year"now available for semi floating date ranges

Example: If your dashboard's date is set to "Since 2019-01-01" the compare date "Same Date Last Year" will begin from 2018-01-01 and end on the same date as yesterday, last year.


SalesForce filters are now available

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