Yohan 07.05.2018 5 min de lecture

Reeport | May 2018 feature Summary

In May, Reeport gets new features, including the explorer, activity monitoring, and more!


Data sharing and exploration

  • User / Organization activity monitoring

  • Organization overview

Data Visualization

  • Explorer

  • Highcharts rendering in builder mode

Miscellaneous improvements

  • Font lifting

  • Google Sheets refresh data

  • Template list filters


Data sharing and exploration

Organization overview

You can now view your Organization Usage (Admin > Organization Usage). This allows you to visualize your account structure as well as well who’s got access to what. Click on any element to filter the numbers on the right (number of widgets created, emails sent…).



User / Organization activity monitoring

Under the Activity tab of Organization Usage, you can now know whether your dashboards and reports are actually used. You can find answers to questions like “How many users are active?”, “How many broadcasts were sent?”, or “Were they actually opened?”


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Data visualization


Instead of having to create a dashboard, you can now use the explorer to find answers to your questions on the go.



Highcharts renderer right from the builder mode

You can now interact with your charts directly from the builder mode.

dataviz img2.png

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Miscellaneous UX improvements

Font lifting

We’ve optimized our fonts for better readability on low-resolution screens.

Google Sheets force refresh

You can now force refresh you Google Sheets data sources from the Data source library in order to make sure you’re using the latest version of your file.


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