Reeport | June 2018 feature summary

FEATURES | 4 juin, 2018
Reeport | June 2018 feature summary

New data connectors, new data visualization widgets and many more make the headlines in June!

Data Sharing and exploration
  • Token-based public URLs for easier sharing
  • Embedded widgets
Data Connectors
  • Forecast
  • Tradelab
  • PostgreSQL
  • mySQL

Data Visualization

  • New data visualization widget: Bubble chart
  • New data visualization widget: Scatter plot


  • Dynamic filters V2
  • Error messages for more transparency
Miscellaneous improvements
  • SFTP support (with login/password authentication only)


Data Sharing and Exploration

Token-based public URLs

It is now possible to generate a public URL for your dashboards so you can let your colleagues view it without having to log in!

Data sharing img-5

Data sharing img2-1

Note that, by default, your account is credited with 5 free tokens.


Embedded widgets

You can now embed your widgets in an iframe outside of Reeport’s app!

Data sharing img3-1

Data sharing img4

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Data connectors


Data coonnector img

Forecast is an awesome Project Management tool we’ve been using internally. The Reeport integration allows us to automate our product development reporting.



Data coonnector img2

Tradelab is a specialist in multi-device campaigns through RTB. The Reeport integration allows you to fetch metrics such as Clicks, Impressions, and Conversion.

Data coonnector img3


 Data coonnector img4


 Data coonnector img5

Data visualization widgets

New data visualization: Bubble chart

Data visualization widgets img

New data visualization: Scatter plot

New data visualization Scatter plot img

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Dynamic filters V2

When creating Dynamic Filters, you can now choose to configure your filters based on dimensions coming from your data source’s API by choosing “From API” instead of “Custom”.

query img-3

query img2

In the example above, this allows you to create a dynamic filter based on Google Analytics’ “Device Category” without having to create a custom dimension in Reeport.


Error messages

Errors originated from data queries are now displayed for you to trouble-shoot your widgets.

error msg img

Miscellaneous UX improvements

SFTP support (with login/password authentication only)

Reeport now supports Secured File Transfer Protocol for CSV file uploads.



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