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Reeport | July 2019 feature summary

In July, Reeport multi-source templating makes the headlines!

Feature of the month: Multi-source template

  • What is the multi-source template?

  • How can I use multi-source templates?


  • Password policy



Feature of the month: Multi-source templates


What is the multi-source template?


The multi-source template allows you to turn any report - no matter how complex, no matter how many data sources - into an easy-to-reuse template.

Say your team is used to analyzing their ad campaign with 20 indicators spread across 9 PowerPoint slides. Thanks to this feature you can "save as template" your 9 slides and your team will only have to input the ad campaign name to generate all the slides in one click!


How can I use the multi-source template?


After "saving as template" you get to choose what part of the template can be modified - an ad campaign name, a data source or a date for instance:



Once your done preparing your template, your end-user will have a very way to create insightful reports by entering only one input - in our example, your are a country manager and all you have to input is the country code (UK for United Kingdom, FR for France, DE for Germany...):


And that's it - one field to generate a fully localized report!


We are convinced this feature will save you and your teams countless hours of work. If you have any questions about this, talk to your Customer Success Manager or contact us.



Password policy

When you invite users for the first time to your organization, you can define rules to encourage users to use a strong password. To change the password policy, please contact the support team with your defined rules.

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