Reeport | January 2018 feature summary

FEATURES | 1 janvier, 2018
Reeport | January 2018 feature summary

The Reeport team wishes you a Happy New Year!With the new year come a new Data Source editor, the right-click, multi-Widget duplication and many more! You can access these new features today by signing in to your Reeport account.

Data Connector
  • New Data Source editor

Data Visualization

  • Highcharts data visualization
Miscellaneous improvements
  • Right-click options
  • Multi-Widgets duplication
  • Organization usage statistics


Data Connectors

New Data Source editor

Manage your Data Sources in the library with a new editor. You can now sort and filter your connectors as well as rename and organize your Data Sources easily.


New data source editor img

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Data visualization

Highcharts data visualization

Reeport will gradually migrate to a new data visualization rendering engine called Highcharts. This new library will allow you to create more interactive data visualizations. This migration will be done on an opt-in basis.

Last rendering


Highcharts rendering

Highcharts rendering img

Miscellaneous UX improvements

Right-click options

We’ve replaced the context menu options by an intuitive and user-friendly right-click interaction.


Miscellaneous UX improvements img-2


Miscellaneous UX improvements img 2-1

Multi-Widget duplication

By selecting multiple Widgets, you now have the possibility to duplicate several Widgets at once.

Multi-Widget duplication img


Organization usage statistics

Ever wondered if your data is actually being used? It is now possible for you to contact us and get usage statistics for your account (number of reports created, number of active Broadcasts…).


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