Reeport | April 2020 feature summary

FEATURES | 15 avril, 2020
Reeport | April 2020 feature summary

In April, the new Library and new data sources make the headlines!


Data sources

  • Linkedin Ads
  • Google Search Console
  • Many more new connectors via Reeport Dataprep

Data sharing & exploration

  • New Library
  • New Date Ranges


  • "Open in new tab" option for hyperlinks
  • New bar chart option: expand


Data sources
Linkedin Ads
Google Search Console
Connectors via Reeport Dataprep

About Reeport Dataprep: Reeport Dataprep is the new product we have been hard at work developing. It comes as the complement to Reeport Dataviz product you are already familiar with. While Reeport Dataviz allows you to use clean datasets, Reeport Dataprep comes in very useful when your data requires cleaning, normalization, reconciliation and storage in the cloud. The following list of connectors is built within Reeport Dataprep.

  • Digimind
  • DV360
  • Forecast
  • Freshdesk
  • Github
  • Hubspot
  • Intercom
  • Outbrain
  • Reeport
  • Search Ads 360
  • Taboola

We will be sharing updates about Reeport Dataprep continuously but feel free to enquire more information directly to your Sales or Customer Success contacts!

Data sharing & exploration
New Library
The new Library is now live! Manage your Date Ranges, Conditions, Custom Dimensions, Master, Color Palettes (formerly under Admin settings), and Templates (formerly under Admin settings as well) on this new interface.
New Date Ranges
  • Last 53 weeks (floating)
  • 29 days ago (floating)
  • Current year until last week (floating)
  • 28 days before (compare)
  • Same week last year (compare)
  • Same week same days last year (compare)
If you need other floating or compare date ranges, feel free to contact us via the chat available in Reeport.
"Open in a new tab" option for hyperlinks
This option is available in the Builder mode. Builders can now choose to have hyperlinks open in a new tab. On the Viewer side, when a Viewer clicks on a widgets with a hyperlink, they will thus open the target url in a new browser tab. Note that the default behavior for hyperlinks is to open within the current tab.
New bar chart option: Expand
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