Etienne Gautheron 24.01.2022 41 min de lecture

Reeport | 2021 feature roundup

As we head into 2022, it's time to recap all noteworthy product features and updates that have come to life in 2021 🎉

We have decided to break down the 2021 highlights into five parts:




Data preparation was and will remain a key focus area of our product roadmap because this is where the biggest pain still lies for digital marketing teams at complex organizations. Below are some of the most important features released to help you relieve these pains 💊


  • New stored data source: Youtube.
  • New stored data source: Facebook Brand Lift.
  • New stored data source: Jira.
  • New stored data source: TikTok.
  • New stored data source: Twitter Ads.
  • New stored data source: Zendesk.
  • New stored data source: SevenRooms. SevenRooms is a fully-integrated reservation, seating and restaurant management system. With this connector, you can fetch data points such as number of reservations, gross margin, cancellations, and no shows.
  • New streaming data source: Google Analytics 4 (aka GA4)
  • Upgraded data source: total clicks metric now available for ContentSquare.
  • Upgraded data source: queries are now listed alphabetically for Quintessence.
  • Upgraded data source: Google Ads API upgrade to v10.
  • Upgraded data source: dimensions with numeric values are now available with the AT Internet v3 connector.
  • New data source: AT Internet v3. We are proud to have released this connector with AT Internet's newest API, deemed must faster and more complete than their former one. The data structure being radically different, you will have to re-create your data sources and re-connect them to your reports.
  • New storage data source: JSON files.
  • Upgraded data source: email connector now supports zipped folder with multiple files.
  • Upgraded data source: Facebook Ads connector upgraded to Facebook API v9.
  • Upgraded data source: Twitter Ads connector (with storage) upgraded to the version 9 of the API.
  • Upgraded data source: Facebook and Instagram Graph API upgraded to version 12.
  • Upgraded data source: Pinterest connector now works with multiple advertiser IDs.
  • Upgraded data source: Twitter Ads API upgraded to version 10.
  • Upgraded data source: Twitter Ads connector (with storage) upgraded to the version 9 of the API.
  • Upgraded data source: search bar on Google Analytics Segment import page for easier pick-and-choose.
  • New feature: Clean empty data sources in one click. We now display a message at the top of the data source list when empty data sources have been found and let you remove them in one click.
  • Upgraded data source: segments now available from the AT Internet V3 API.
  • File link pattern: ingest data from a download link located in the HTML body of an email using regular expressions.
  • Upgraded data source: option to add "ingestion_date" and "file_name" columns (for data cleansing purpose) for the universal connector (CSV, JSON, XLS).
  • Upgraded data source: ability to run a storage connector via HTTP route: this can be used to run the data extraction job or send a CSV/JSON/XLS file which simplifies interconnection with custom APIs.
  • Upgraded data source: send data to file connectors using HTTP POST requests. Here's a quick guide to help you get started.
  • Upgraded data source: universal_date can now natively understand strings from SQL data sources (Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Microsoft Azure, MySQL, Postgre, Snowflake) written in "YYYY-MM-DD" format.
  • Data from "today": The date "today" is now available for data sources that provide near real-time data (it is required to activate the live mode from "Data Source" > "Manage dataset").



  • New data destination: Microsoft Azure. A year ago Reeport exclusively supported Google BigQuery as the destination for your data. Last year, we have added Microsoft Azure as a new data destination so that customers and partners can freely decide to push and host data to the cloud storage infrastructure of their choice in stead of having yet another replication location for their data.

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Throughout this year, we have been developing new features to make your data preparation process smoother!
This year we are thrilled to announce that manage Dataset now offers a set of features helping advanced users check for the data integrity or uncover insights quickly.

  • Manage Dataset now offers a set of features helping advanced users check for the data integrity or uncover insights quickly. This is especially useful on SQL-like data sources such as Google BigQuery, Microsoft Azure, and Snowflake. The #1 use case is to check for the data integrity. The way it works is that, from the "Manage data set page, you can "Preview data" and once you validate you will get a table-looking preview with a chart at the top of every column in order to visually understand if there's anything problematic in your dataset. If you have any questions, simply reply to this email!


Data visualization and sharing are what drive data adoption because making the right KPI available to the right people in the right format is the only way for organizations to make healthy decisions in troubled times.

Below are some of the most important features released in 2021 to help you make more data-informed decisions 💡

  • Templates: color palettes can now be variabilized.
  • Templates: create Library templates or JSON files from elements of all levels (report, section, page, widget, metric set & metric). Right-click on any element and pick "Save as template". This allows you to save time by then reusing ready-made templates, from reports all the way down to metrics!
  • Chart tooltip: we've made the chart tooltip more detailed and self-explanatory .
    Message now displayed in viewer and builder modes when data is Google. Analytics is sampled. If you are a GA360 customer, note that you can activate the unsampled mode.
  • Geomap widgets, new map: France with old regions.
  • Geomap widgets, new map: France with "départements".
  • Chart legend interaction: the first click on the legend now isolates the clicked element (as opposed to before) to make interactions more efficient .
  • Breakdown dimension: several main dimensions can be set instead of only one (the first one by default). This is particularly relevant if you need to visualize data using 3+ dimensions.
  • Dynamic filters: It is now possible to set a default value for dynamic filters, even with custom dimensions.
  • Interaction: Donut charts can display full value (besides the percentage) in labels.
  • New widget: Split packed bubble chart (on-demand). This chart is used to show how packed bubble charts can be grouped by series, thus creating a hierarchy.

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To share the right information to the right people, in the right formats and at the right times, we are pleased to announce the new features that we're developed in 2021.
We strongly believe that by getting closer to your business needs, we will be able to develop more features that will help you every day.

  • Google Slides export: We are very excited about this new integration as our mission is to push data to the communication channels your teams already use. More info here.
  • Broadcasts: link to report from broadcast view added for easier back-and-forth
  • Alerts: you can now easily add recipients to you alerts by picking them directly from the list of existing users in your organizations.



  • Feature upgrade: cleaning conditions in one click using the "deduplicate" button is now blazing fast no matter how many segments and filters.
  • Autonomous floating date range creation: besides using a wide range of default options, you can now create semi-floating date ranges to match your business seasonality.
  • New compare dates: Last 7 days before starting date, Same week last year plus 1 week, Same week 2 years ago, Same days 2 years ago, Same Week Last Year Minus 1 Week, Same Week Same Days Last Year Plus 1 Week.
  • Semi-floating dates: Semi-floating dates can now go until today.
  • Static dates: Static dates can now be in the future.
  • Broadcasts: It is now possible to download the list of broadcast recipients as a CSV file.
  • Duplicate cleanup: date range and condition (filters and segments) duplicates can now be merged in one click. This is of tremendous help to keep your account tidy.


The whole team thanks you for this wonderful year and look forward to 2022!