Etienne Gautheron 30.12.2020 12 min de lecture

Reeport | 2020 feature roundup

As 2020 comes to an end, it's time to recap all noteworthy product features and updates that have come to life this year 🎉

We have decided to break down the 2020 highlights into three parts:

  1. Data extraction and preparation
  2. Data visualization and sharing
  3. Account administration, security, and support

Data extraction and preparation

Data preparation was and will remain a key focus area of our product roadmap because this is where the biggest pain still lies for digital marketing teams at complex organizations. Below are some of the most important features released to help you relieve these pains 💊

  • 22 new connectors
    • Amazon Redshift
    • Digimind (with storage)
    • Display & Video 360 (with storage)
    • Forecast (with storage)
    • Freshdesk (with storage)
    • Github (with storage)
    • Google Analytics (with storage)
    • Google Search Console
    • Hubspot (with storage)
    • Intercom (with storage)
    • Kwanko (with storage)
    • LinkedIn Ads
    • LinkedIn Ads (with storage)
    • Outbrain (with storage)
    • Salesforce Marketing Cloud (with storage)
    • SearchAds 360 (with storage)
    • Sendgrid (with storage)
    • Snapchat Ads (with storage)
    • Snowflake 
    • SQL Server
    • Taboola (with storage)
    • Universal email connector to process any CSV and XLS files (with storage)
  • 5 new statistical formulas
    • Base logarithm
    • Exponential
    • Natural logarithm
    • Power
    • Square root
  • Add conditions to favorites
  • Add date ranges to favorites
  • Add universal fields to favorites
  • Calculated dimensions
  • Deduplicate conditions
  • Email notification when data connection is lost
  • Median data aggregation type
  • See usage of all your conditions
  • Universal fields (dimensions and metrics)
  • Warning only filter on data source page

Data visualisation and sharing

Data visualization and sharing are what drive data adoption because making the right KPI available to the right people in the right format is the only way for organization to make healthy decisions in troubled times. Below are some of the most important features released in 2020 to help you make more data-informed decisions 💡

  • Access report overview from the viewer mode
  • Add reports to favorites
  • Alerts triggered by thresholds
  • Broadcast proofreading to let you approve any broadcast before actually sending them to your recipients
  • Display only first and last label on charts
  • Duplication "à gogo" to save significant amount of time when creating reports, sections, pages, and widgets
  • New widget: Embed widget (to embed any content such as a YouTube video on your dashboards)
  • New date picker in the viewer mode (with search bar and favorited dates)
  • No more limit for breakdown dimension
  • Widgets are now clickable to create data stories in your dashboards
  • Widget description to give viewers a better understanding of the data they see

Account administration, security, and support

Making sure all of the above is brought to you in the most secured, reliable. and scalable way is our #1 concern. Below are some of the most important 2020 updates which do just that ✅

  • Best-in-class in-app support (powered by Intercom) implemented in January 2020
    • Median response time below 2 minutes (!)
    • Median resolution time below 5 hours (!)
  • Cache granularity management
  • Individual user certification to assess and improve your Reeport proficiency
  • Option to opt out of Reeport's sub-processors on an on-demand basis
  • Revamped help center (powered by Intercom) available in English and French
  • Service account authentication
  • User group creation management


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