August 2018 feature summary

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The mobile-friendly viewer mode and the Pipedrive connector make the headlines in August!

Data sharing and exploration

  • Mobile Viewer
  • PDF export rom the Viewer mode

Data connectors

  • Pipedrive
  • Google Sheets force refresh
  • CSV: multiple date formats detection

Data visualization

  • Donut chart: “Show other” option

Miscellaneous improvements

  • SVG image support


Data sharing and exploration

Mobile Viewer

The Viewer mode is now mobile-friendly to let you check your dashboards everywhere at anytime!

Reeport Blog - Mobile Viewer

PDF export from the Viewer mode

From the Viewer mode, you might notice a new button which allows you to export your dashboard in a PDF format.

Reeport Blog - PDF Viewer Export


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Data connectors


Reeport Blog - Pipedrive Logo


Google Sheets force refresh

In addition to the data source editor, you can now refresh your Google Sheets data sources directly from the right-hand-side panel list.

Reeport Blog - Spreadsheet Refresh


CSV: multiple date formats detection

In the past, the “YYYY-MM-DD” date format was the only one working for Reeport to interpret date fields from a CSV file. From now on Reeport can understand any of the following formats:

YYYY-MM-DD (default)





Data visualization widgets

Donut chart: “Show other” option

In order to reduce noise when visualizing a donut chart, we made it possible for you to bucket several data rows in one (named “other”). As an example, you can display only the top 3 browsers and aggregate all the other browsers in one “other” bucket:

Without “show other” option

Reeport Blog - Without Other

With “show other” option

Reeport Blog - With Other

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Miscellaneous improvements

SVG image support

The Image widget now supports SVG images. The benefit of using SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) images is that they are indefinitely scalable, thus ensuring your image quality remains perfect.

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